Living in the Calm Now

Living in the Calm Now


Just how easy is it to live in the present? I had begun thinking about this a few weeks ago. It’s easy to be in the present when things are good—when there’s no family/ friend drama when you enjoy your job when you’re in a healthy relationship when you can be on parent autopilot. But what about when life is hard? We want out as soon as possible. We want to go back to when things were easy. We look ahead to when life will be good again, indeed, hoping it will be good again. Then, only then, will we go back to living in the present. 

Life is always changing, ebbing and flowing, growing and shifting, and by living in the calm, my goal is to accept things as they come and live presently through them.

How do we live in the present but not hold on to the present? How do we cope with the highs and lows of life so that we can enjoy the highs, but feel prepared for and learn how to get through the lows? A few weeks ago, I made a goal to ‘live in the calm.’ By living in the calm, I hope to gain a better awareness of my present situation and to not get too attached to the easy moments in life, but also to not fall into the trap of thinking the more challenging, stressful moments are going to last forever.


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