About the project

The embodiment of strength and mystery, Volusia manifests through the whirlwind of fierce winds and the energy of storms. Her presence is cloaked in an aura of majesty and power, evoking the grand unpredictability of the skies. With hair flowing like air currents and eyes sparkling like lightning, Volusia represents the uncontrollable dynamism and wild freedom of the aerial elements. Accompanying her is a small bird, Halo, symbolizing agility and the soaring spirit of the wind.

These illustrations are a pivotal part of my project, mimaluma.com, where my artistic creations transcend the ordinary, bringing life to a versatile range of surfaces. My work intricately weaves through various mediums, from the delicate textures of paper to the rich, tactile surfaces of fabric, and the smooth, timeless finish of ceramics. Each piece is imbued with a unique essence, transforming everyday objects into a canvas of imagination and style. Explore the fusion of art and practicality in my diverse product range at mimaluma.com, where the beauty of illustration meets the charm of tangible artistry.


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